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Hi Everybody!

I’ve been getting e-mails from readers lately wanting to know if any of my books have sequels, so I thought I’d list them here for you.

My very first book was Rapture’s Rage and its sequel is Rapture’s Tempest are set in St. Louis in the 1850s-1860s. The hero in the first book, Marshall, is a lawyer and our heroine, Renee, is a Southern belle who’s coming north to live after losing her parents. On the day of her arrival, Marshall saves her from an accident on the riverfront and things take off from there. In Rapture’s Tempest, Jim, Marshall’s brother, is a steamboat captain who hires a cabin boy, not knowing that the ‘boy’ is really our heroine in disguise, running away from her evil stepfather.

Bayou Bride is the story of Dominic and Jordan. According to his father’s will, Nick must marry within 6 months of his father’s passing if he is to claim his inheritance – the family’s plantation. Dominic sees Jordan, a bondservant for sale on the docks, and knows she is perfect for his plan. He buys her papers and makes a deal with her - she will be his wife ‘in name only’ until he can claim his estate, and then they will part. Of course, we readers know how that’s going to turn out. :) Kiss Me Forever is Slater’s story. We meet Slater, an agent for the government, in Bayou Bride. Slater believes his wife, Francesca, is dead, but soon discovers it’s all been a deception. It’s a challenge, but he and his bride end up happily ever after.

The Brides of Durango series is set in the same locale, but the stories are not directly connected.

Lady Deception and the sequel The Lady and The Texan are another two of my favorites. I began putting ‘lady’ in the titles of my books when I started doing the research on women’s history. What the ladies accomplished back then was awesome, and most of it wasn’t taught in our history classes. In Lady Deception, Cody, our heroine, is a female bounty hunter who disguises herself in any way necessary to bring in the wanted man she’s after – and she definitely wants our hero Luke! In the sequel, Jack Logan, our hero is hired by Amanda Taylor’s father to go back east and bring her home to Texas. Amanda is a firm believer in women’s rights, who won’t let any man control her.

I also joined up with Constance O’Banyon, Elaine Barbieri and Evelyn Rogers to write the four book Secret Fires series and the Half-Moon Ranch series. My titles are Secret Fires – The Half-Breed and Hunter’s Moon.

Hope you enjoy them!

Happy reading!

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