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Hello everyone,

Purchase Turbo Tax directly from or Intuit between 2/1/2015 through 7/31/2015, and youcan choose to use a portion of your U.S. Federal tax refund to purchase an Amazon gift card. TurboTax will be adding either a 5% or 10% bonus to each customer's Gift Card depending on the TurboTax product you purchase.

If you purchase Turbo Tax through this promotion you will receive a claim code via email to redeem for 50% off of Bobbi Smith's eBook titles until 7/31/2015:

Hunter's Moon, The Half Breed (Secret Fires),Outlaw's Lady,

Brides of Durango: Jenny, Brides of Durango: Elise,

Renegade's Lady, The Lady's Hand, Sweet Silken Bondage,

Wanton Splendor, Brazen, Lady Deception, Rapture's Rage,

Weston's Lady, Eden, Bayou Bride, Forever Autum,

Kiss Me Forever, Lone Warrior, Halfbreed Warrior,

Defiant, Miracles, and Forbidden Fires

Terms & Conditions here and the link to the information about the current promotion here.

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