Arizona Caress

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arizona_caressHE WANTED NO PART OF HER
Chance Broderick had little use for the uncivilized Arizona Territory. He only agreed to make the trip out there because his younger brother needed his help--desperadoes were aiming to rob him of the precious gold he'd taken from his mining stake in the mountains. When the feisty half-breed boy he hired as a tracker saved his life in a barroom brawl, Chance was grateful-but that was all. Then Chance decided to throw young Rori into the river for a bath and he got a big surprise: this was no boy! Dazzled by her raven tresses, her silken copper-colored skin, her luscious curves under the wet buckskin, he was no longer in such a hurry to get his trip over with. Rori's savage beauty was rarer than any gold, and he knew he must possess her.

Aurora's grandfather brought the orphan half-breed up to be tough and independent. Although he dressed her as a boy to keep away men's advances, underneath Rori was all woman. The first time she set eyes on handsome Chance Broderick, she almost fainted with desire, but she wasn't about to give in to her longing for the white man's kisses. Shed do her job, take his money, and then forget the arrogant Easterner. Only once she saw him bathing in the stream, she knew she could not disguise her passion. She longed to be a prisoner of his strong embrace, to feel the hardness of his flesh against her own soft curves, and then to spend the rest of her life in one long, ardent ARIZONA CARESS


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