Arizona Temptress

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At eighteen,. lovely and willowy Jennie McCaine had never longed for love and passion--and when a gang of desperados kidnapped her, she swore she'd die before submitting to any man's touch. Then her onyx gaze locked with El Cazador's and Jennie knew deep inside her that somehow she'd never be able to deny the bandit leader. His tanned muscular skin glistened sensually in the southwest sun; his slanting chiseled lips promised her delights she never dreamed existed. In that moment the aroused beauty didn't know what to fear more: a rescue that would wrench her from the outlaw forever -- or the coming nights bound in his savage embrace.

Though he was heir-apparent to a ranching fortune, Rick Peralta found the freedom he craved only in his disguise as El Cazador. As the notorious gunman he had a fast fight, a fleet horse and an easy woman whenever he pleased. Then he saw the alluring Jennie among his compadres and he swore she'd belong just to him....


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