Beneath Passion's Skies

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beneath_passions_skiesDesperate to escape the clutches of her brutal brother-in-law, headstrong Angel Windsor kidnapped her young nephew and fled Philadelphia. But an even more dangerous destiny awaited the emerald eyed innocent in New Orleans when she hired a notorious half-breed gunfighter to lead her west to California-and safety.

Raised among the white men, Blade Masters had taken to the gun to avenge a terrible wrong... and he had no intention of providing escort service for one brazen blond beauty. But that was before his lips met hers in a soul searing kiss that left the hard-hearted loner burning for more. Vowing to sample more of her sensuous charms, Blade guided her deeper into the sultry heat of the western wilderness, where blistering passion soon gave way to rapturous nights of love beneath star-spangled skies. And that was when Blade knew that he would go to the ends of the world to protect and possess his elusive angel-sweetly, tenderly and forever!


Beneath Passion's Skies was re-released in October 2009 as The GunfighterThe Gunfighter


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