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brides_durango_tessa_thI love series books. This book continues with some of the same characters from "Elise" that started this series.  This book was a great escape, easy reading and very entertaining. The characters are believable and seem real. It had great adventure and a fabulous amount of romantic tension. If you like Bobbie Smith and need a break from reality, go for it.

This is book #2 in a 3 book series. I found that I favored this book over the first book. Jared Trent was a very likable Hero as well as another man you'll meet in this book. If I could break down my rating it would be 4 3/4 stars. I rounded up to 5 stars because I did truly enjoy it although my tiny bit of criticism for this book is that it was basically 2 love stories in one book. There was as much time spent on the 2nd romance as the main one & the female from this second romance was somebody that you came to not really like from the first book. I found myself liking this female in book #2 & wished I hadn't gotten a negative impression from the first book. But, aside from all that this book was wonderful. Both romances included. Also seeing Elise & Trace from book #1 was a wonderful bonus. I loved the adventure & excitement in this book & I highly recommend the Brides of Durango series.
I have always enjoyed Bobbi Smith's books and this one was no different> I would definitley recommend it to anyone that appreciates historical romance. Her characters come alive in her writings..

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