Captive Pride

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When independent Cecelia Demorest discovered Noah Kincade would be in her father's home, she swore that somehow she'd get the privateer's weapons to the Colonial cause! The untouched beauty plotted to promise him her charms--and then double-cross the enemy. But the moment she felt Noah's sensual lips trailing down her throat and his muscular frame pressed hard against her her scheming thoughts gave way to burning need. She was awash in a tidal wave of undeniable emotions... but before she surrendered to ecstasy, she vowed that somehow she'd get all she wanted from the British scoundrel --and humiliate him while she was at it!

While selling arms to the Crown's agent in Massachusetts, womanizing Noah Kincade couldn't help but gaze at Edward Demorest's gorgeous, auburn-haired daughter Cecelia. Maneuvering to get her alone, the handsome captain tasted her luscious lips, fondled her full curves, and was on the verge of taking her then and there... until he learned she was a Patriot! He guessed that she would seduce him first only to sabotage him later But the spirited wench had heated his blood and it was far too late to stop. He'd have the girl and guarantee his deal, too, even if he had to make her his prisoner take her innocence, and vanquish her rebellious CAPTIVE PRIDE


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