Capture My Heart

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capture_my_heartWhen Serad boards the vessel La Mouette to loot for treasure, he discovers a cargo more precious than any trinket: the heiress Victoria Lawrence. A raven-haired, emerald-eyed beauty, Victoria captivates Serad as no woman ever has before. But, the fiery young lady doesn't seem to understand that she is now a captive, expected to honour her new master's wishes and desires without question...When Victoria set sail from India, she expected the voyage to deliver her into the arms of her betrothed - not to a heartless gang of pirates. Now captured, she refuses to bow to any man, even one as commanding as Serad. Sharing his cabin, Victoria can barely resist her overwhelming attraction for her captor. But, if she gives in to her desires, Victoria knows that Serad will accept nothing less than her total surrender...


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