Desert Heart

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Rancher Rand McAllister was furious that circumstances had made him the guardian of a scrawny girl from Arizona's mining country. But when he discovered the pig-tailed brat was really a ripe, voluptuous beauty, his resentment turned to arousal. Her emerald eyes sparkled with the promise of ecstatic nights; her supple skin flushed with desire. As her guardian, Rand didn't have a clue what to do with her... but as a hot-blooded male, he didn't have to think twice about how to handle his luck!

Innocent Lorelei Spencer had been prospecting an isolated claim with her Pa for so long she'd forgotten what other men looked like -- but Rand McAllister refreshed her memory real fast! The hard-muscled stranger first intimidated the copper-haired miss, then excited her with his strength. Lorelei knew it would be the biggest mistake in her life to submit to the virile cowboy. But she couldn't fight against giving him her body... not when she'd already given him her wildly beating DESERT HEART


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