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havenDarrell Miller was running from the ugliness his existence had become, from the men who knew what he’d seen. He found refuge from his terror in the last place he expected—a church. With the kind of people he’d never known before, people whose lives would intertwine with his in a special and most unexpected way. . . . Jenny, who'd see to it that her precious baby was welcomed into this world with love and joy, even if its father turned away from them both. Dorothy, who counted desperately on faith to reshape her identity now that years of striving to be the perfect friend, wife and mother had been made meaningless by four little words: “I want a divorce.” Joe, a friend to anyone in need, always ready to reach out a helping hand. If only he could find a way to share his belief that love and a faith in God could get anyone through the dark hours, that the Lord’s house was one place every soul could lay down the world’s troubles and look up with shining hope to find a safe and glorious . . . HAVEN


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