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Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: 1870s Arizona

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Nobody does a western better than Smith. Hired Gun is about a man used to being alone and depending on no one and nothing but his wits and his gun. Finally he meets a woman who demands more of him as a man.

Trent Marshall is the best at tracking down killers and bringing them to justice, be they desperadoes, train robbers, murderers or renegade Indians. When Apaches kidnap a local girl, Trent knows it will take all his tracking skills and his fast draw to bring her back safely. What he does not anticipate is her older sister riding shotgun. Trent refuses to cut her any slack. If she doesn't keep up, she's on her own.

Faith is equally determined not to be left behind. From the first, Faith proves
a mighty distraction, but Trent halts their passion before it consumes them and gets them into more danger. And it's
not until after they prove successful
that Trent can bare his heart and state his intentions.

But their newfound happiness is could be short-lived when a killer hunts down Trent and threatens his new family. (Leisure, Nov., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed By: Maria Ferrer




In the Arizona Territory, Apache marauders kidnap a young girl. Although there is little hope to get the Ryan child back alive, the family hires the best, Trent Marshal, a loner with extraordinary hunting skills for two footed predators. However, before he can get on the trail, the victim's older sister Faith demands she accompany him on his quest. He tells her no, but she vows to follow him. Rather than waste time he agrees, but warns her to keep up or he will leave behind regardless of where they are.

On the trail Trent finds the woman can keep up with him, but also is a distraction as he realizes he desires her. Still though he enjoys the taste of Faith's lips, he controls his passion because her sister comes first with the promise of rewards when they succeed in the rescue. However, as they continue to search for her sibling, he fears they have no future because he has so many enemies wanting him dead who are willing to kill anyone he cares about.

This reconstruction western romance is an interesting tale starring a loner, who lives by his guns and the woman who has him doubting his lifestyle. Though the plot focuses on the rescue mission, the lead duo makes it fun as he goes from resentment to desire while she goes from scorn to desire. The story line is action-packed as Bobbi Smith once again brings home the danger of the 1870s in the Southwest.

I love this book! The action started on page 1 and didn't end until the end. I always know if I buy a Bobbi Smith book it will be a page turned. Thank you, Ms. Smith, for another walk into the West.

It had a good story line, and I liked the two main charactors Faith and Trent. I also liked that there was more than one romance in the book.
Spurred by his brother's murder, Trent Marshall has made a career of bringing in wanted killers. When he's asked to help track a kidnapped girl, he doesn't think twice.

Faith Ryan has run the family ranch and raised her younger brother and sister since the death of their parents. When Apache raiders kidnap her sister and seriously wound her brother, Faith sets out to bring her home.

Long days and nights on the trail of renegade Apache lead to unexpected feelings between Faith and Trent. Sworn to life as a hired gun, Trent doesn't need the complication. But will his heart listen?

In this historical romance, Bobbi Smith offers interesting characters with clear histories and goals. The plot is straightforward, without complicated turns or confusing byplay. On the other hand, there isn't much out of the ordinary. There is the revenge-seeker after the hero, the old Cowboys and Indians theme, and love on the trail. This novel is well written, but there just isn't much to make it stand out from the crowd.

HIRED GUN is a decent, even enjoyable, read, as long as you don't mind yet another play on a common theme.

This was an excellent story in and of itself, but as a series it was wonderful. The story and people are great! Read all 4 books in 2 days. Could not put them down. I am becomeing an avid fan of O'Banyon's western historical romances! Cannot wait to see what comes out next!

Faith and Trent make a great match in Hired Gun. Faith is a strong woman with a big heart. Trent is a tough and handsome man. Abbie's ordeal is nerve racking, but she handles herself well. I particularly enjoyed how the story pans back and forth between several different characters. Bobbi Smith's Hired Gun is a well-written story filled with romance and excitement.

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