Island Fire

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island_fireSEARING LUST
After he'd been shanghaied, shipwrecked, then washed ashore on a tropical isle, dashing Mitchell Williams decided to live life for the moment--and to its fullest. Then when he first met the velvet gaze of his gorgeous rescuer Espri, he knew just how to start celebrating his survival. The sun-drenched cove was a perfect hideaway for fiery love; the lapping water a cool sheet, for impassioned bodies.1litchell realized he'd have to return one day soon to his lucrative shipping firm, but nothing could stop him from exulting in sensual pleasures until he finally set sail.

Though she'd been raised among the uninhibited natives, innocent Espri Duchant had sworn to guard her virtue until her wedding day. Then she discovered the handsome stranger lying on her beach... and the supple beauty vowed to kiss his chiseled lips and succumb to his powerful embrace. Her fantasies always ended in their marriage, so Espri was eager to learn the mysteries of ecstasy--from the moment he awoke. She'd tease him until he'd never turn to another and satisfy him until all he craved was her flawless heated flesh, her enticing ISLAND DESIRE


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