Kiss Me Forever

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kiss_me_foreverTheirs had been a whirlwind love affair, born of overwhelming attraction, consummated in the sultry, perfumed Cuban night. And it had ended just as swiftly. When her handsome American husband was torn from her arms and brutally beaten by strangers, Francesca’s first instinct was to go to his aid. But then her father produced a damning note that shed new light on the lover she’d known just a few short weeks. Slater MacKenzie was an American spy, trained to deceive others for the benefit of his country. When he dared to reappear in her life, Francesca swore she’d have nothing to do with the man who’d broken her heart. But how could she ignore that knowing green gaze, keep her distance from those hard-muscled arms, or disobey his command when he whispered… Kiss Me Forever


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