Outlaw's Lady

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outlaws_ladyWhen Pinkerton detective Slade Braxton went undercover to infiltrate the notorious Dakota Kid's gang, he became one of the most wanted outlaws I the West. Now set to stand trial for murder and robbery, he realized his ruse had been all too convincingýespecially when the judge at his hearing turned out to be the woman of his dreams, the lovely lady with whom he'd shared a kiss before sinking back into the shadows. Alyssa Mason was shocked when the mystery man who'd swept her off her feet at the town dance strode into her courtroom accused of killing her father. Something about the handsome arrogant Braxton disturbed the no-nonsense old maid's usually calm resolve. Though not easily distracted from her moral duties, soon Alyssa found herself fighting a forbidden attractionýand wondering if she'd have no choice but to abandon the law and become the Outlaw's Lady.


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