Rapture's Tempest

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raptures_tempestWhen her new stepfather tried to visit her bedchamber, Delight de Vries knew she had no choice but to leave St. Louis and her mother behind. So she cut her dark curls, bound her breasts, and hired on as a cabin boy for Captain James Westlake. Her disguise fooled the crew, but Delight could hardly keep from betraying herself: the gentleness in her captain’s eyes and the strange yearning she felt when she saw his muscled body were almost more than she could bear.

He’d been a bit liberal with the scotch that evening, so when his cabin boy tossed aside a flannel nightshirt to reveal ivory skin and womanly curves, James decided his questions could wait ’til morning. Her innocent surrender touched his heart even as her siren’s body begged him to engulf her in his passion, to bring her to the peak of…RAPTURE’S TEMPEST


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