The Lady's Hand

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ladys_handUnlucky at cards, Cool-headed and revishingly beautiful, Brandy O'Neal knew how to hold her own with the riverboat gamblers on The Pride of New Orleans. But she met her match in Rafe Morgan when she bet everything she had on three queens and discovered that the wealthy plantation owner had a far from gentlemanly notion of how she should make good on her wagers. Lucky in LoveýDisillusioned with romance, Rafe wanted a child of his own to care for, without the complications of a woman to break his heart. Now a full house had given him the opportunity he was looking forýhe would force the lovely cardshark to marry him and give him a child before he'd set her free. But a firecracker-hot wedding night and a glimpse into Brandy's tender heart soon made Rafe realize he'd been luckier than he'd ever imagined when he won The Lady's Hand.


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