Wanted! The Texan

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He’s the uncivilized side of the law, the kind of man who lives by his own code of Western justice. Relentless, untamed, and honorable to a fault. The kind of man any woman would forget all the rules to love.

Even the most successful bounty hunter has to settle down sometime, so when a run-in with a pair of killers leaves him wounded, Josh decides to make a fresh start at the Rocking R Ranch. Compared to his last job, wrangling cattle and repairing fences seem downright relaxing. But that’s before he meets the boss’s daughter from back East. Emmie Ryan’s highfalutin manners make him testier than a rattlesnake, but he’s convinced that her oh-so-proper exterior conceals the wild nature of a true Texan. All Josh needs to do is help her to forget that she’s a lady…and remember that she’s a woman.



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