Bobbi Smith and Elaine Barbieri
Bobbi Smith and Elaine Barbieri
Bobbi Smith and Elaine Barbieri
Romantic Times with Fabio, Elaine Barbieri, Constance O'Banyon and fans
AWOL tour - we wore camouflage when we signed at Naval bases and Air Force bases and Forts.
Leisure sent the oil paintings of the cover art and Bobbi Smith did a signing at B. Dalton at Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters, MO
Big Book festival in St. Louis.  Bobbi Smith with Sharon Murphy from Romantic Times and bestselling author Susan McBride
Bobbi Smith finally got to the Ponderosa but nobody was home - no Adam, no Hoss, no Joe and no Ben.  Darn!  But it was fantastic to finally realize her childhood dream of seeing the real setting for Bonanza.
Bobbi Smith and Constance O'Banyon at Romantic Times
Romantic Times in the 80s with Elaine Barbieri and Sylvie Sommerfield
Autograph party for Beneath Passion's Skies
At Romantic Times with David Alan Johnson the first ever cover model winner.  He was on the cover of Bobbi Smith's Zebra release Heaven.  They toured together.  What fun!
RT signing with Sandy De Sha and Boni Heck
Bobbi Smith Signing

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